Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sailing Video

Pre-sale for the 2011 Sailing Video will be on Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30-1:00. They cost $15.00 (cash only). All of the money collected will go directly to the sailing program.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hyannis Invitational

HYC Invite Results

Congratulations to Opti Red Fleet sailor Matthew Sweeney for his 4th place finish at HYC! Way to go!

Congratulations to Opti Green Fleet sailor CJ McKenna for his 1st place finish! (with a total of 6 points for the day!)

During the last race of the day on the 420 line, the wind really picked up and boats were beginning to flip over. Coach Chris approached a 420 from another yacht club as he heard them calling for help. The crew was caught underneith the boat.Chris immediately jumped off of the coach boat to rescue her and free her from the capsized boat. Way to go Chris :)

Beverly Jr. Regatta Recap

On Tuesday and Wednesday the 420-Race Team and Opti Race Team traveled to Beverly Jr. Regatta (the last SMSA event of the summer). The 420's performed well in a competitive fleet and had some top 10 finishes at the regatta. The conditions were light the first day but picked up for the second day. Congratulations to Andrew Warner/Brian Daley, Brad Seferian/Katie Galanis, Max  Seferian/ Mike Sweeney, Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Ed Goggin, Jake Hawk and Matthew Sweeney. The results are listed below.

Opti Results- Beverly

420 Results- Beverly

Monday, August 8, 2011

HYC Invitational- Deadline is today

For any of our 420-A, 420-B, Opti-A and Opti-B sailors who have not yet registered for the HYC Invite, the deadline is today. After today, there is a $40 late fee!


Opti SMSA Results Standings

SMSA as of 8/4
Very impressive results for some of our WDYC Opti Sailors!

Matthew Sweeney- 2nd in Red Fleet (4th overall)
Sebastian Halpern-Reiss- 5th in Red Fleet (9th overall)
Jake Hawk- 7th in Red Fleet (11th overall)

WDYC Racing- Week 7

Tuesday/Wednesday: 420 sailors to Beverly Jr. Regatta (Andrew Warner, Brian Daley, Katie Galanis, Brad Seferian, Max Seferian, Mike Sweeney) and Opti Sailors (Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Ed Goggin, Matthew Sweeney and Jake Hawk)

Thursday: 420-A and 420-B sailors and Opti sailors to Hyannis YC Invitational (Andrew Warner/Brian Daley, Erin Sullivan/Pat Watson, Brad Seferian/Katie Galanis, Alex Sobchuck/Kelly Watson, Sean O'Sullivan/Alexis Hamel, Max Seferian/Kelsey Goggin, Ed Goggin, Seabass, Matt Sweeney, Jake Hawk)

Saturday/Sunday: 420-A Sailors to Duxbury Bay MS Regatta and Opti-A to DBMS

CJ McKenna wins Chatham Regatta!

Green fleet sailor CJ McKenna participated in the Chatham two-day regatta this past weekend. He had five 1st place finishes, one 2nd place finish and two 4th place finishes. Very impressive for a first year racer! He finished with a total of 15 points to win in the green fleet. Way to go CJ! Thanks for representing WDYC :)

Instructor Kelsey Rides the PMC!

Kelsey and Ed Goggin ready for the race!
Starting line
At the finish!

 On Sunday, Kelsey Goggin and her dad Ed Goggin rode 30 miles from Wellesley to Sharon. It was raining heavily for the 1 hour and 25 minute ride, but they successfully crossed the finish line. They finished in the top third of their fleet. Way to Kels and Ed! We are so proud of you!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Intermediate Opti sailed all the way out to the milemarker and all the way back!
 Opti-A Team
Sam Knight beaches the opti and runs to shore to rescue a pink raft that blew from West Dennis Beach.
He successfully retrieved the raft!

Parenting Sailors

Rob Hurd sent me two interesting articles written by Jessica M. Mohler, Clinical and Sport Psychologist and graduate of the US Naval Academy.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Belle of the West

Best of luck to Isabelle Dodd, Chloe Troy and Otilia Olmedo as they sail in the Belle of the West Regatta tomorrow! Go get em' girls!

Arrive at 8:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00
Cookout: 2:30

Coach Marissa will be in attendance.
Dennis YC
4 Harbor Road
E. Dennis

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beginner Opti- Week 6

On Tuesday, the Beginner Opti sailors were treated to freeze-pops as they sailed to the Galanis' house on the river. They practiced steering as they dodged the beach ball from the instructors. On Wednesday, the Beginner Opti sailors successfully sailed all the way to the ocean! They were focusing on downwind sailing and recognizing low-tides while sailing out of the river. They only had 2 kids per boat and they have been use to sailing with 3-4 in a boat. Way to go Beginner Opti :)

Coach Brooke finishes 2nd in HYC Regatta!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Coach Brooke sailed with Mildred Conroy on the J-22 line at Hyannis Regatta. They competed against 10 boats and completed 8 races over the 3-days. They finished with 2 bullets throughout the regatta and finished in 2nd place overall. Way to go Brooke and Mildred!

Intro to Opti Race

On Tuesday in Intro to Opti Race they practiced tacking on the whistle. One whistle= tack. Two whistles= 360. Three whistles= safety position. Four whistles= capsize and re-right the boat. Coaches Kelsey and Laura are very impressed with the progress that these new racers have made this summer. Congratulations to Walter Sullivan who participated in the Hyannisport Green Fleet Regatta yesterday. Another congrats to CJ McKenna and Salty Walty for sailing in Wianno's regatta last week.

Intermediate Opti- Update

This week the intermediate opti class is focusing on upwind/downwind sailing. On Wednesday, they sailed all the way downwind to rock island, where they got off their boats and explored the ocean. They were on the look for Great White sharks as they have been avid Shark Week fans.  They then beated upwind all the way back through the river to WDYC. The instructors were very proud that they didn't need to be towed once! Way to go :)

Scituate Jr. Regatta- Sportsmanship at it's best!

On Monday and Tuesday we sent twelve 420-sailors and 4 opti sailors to Scituate Jr. Regatta. Congratulations to our participants: Andrew Warner, Brian Daley, Erin Sullivan, Pat Watson, Brad Seferian, Mike Sweeney, Max Seferian, Katie Galanis, Alexis Hamel, Sean O'Sullivan, Caroline Bracken, Alex Sobchuck, Ed Goggin, Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Jake Hawk and Matt Sweeney.

On Monday, WDYC sailor Matthew Sweeney was sailing in the fourth race of the regatta when his mast step malfunctioned. His finishes prior to the boat malfunction were: 1, 8, 1. He was in contention for placing in the regatta. He thought he was down and out for the rest of the regatta but thankfully a SHYC member came to the rescue.  The young SHYC sailor brought her boat to the dock for Matthew where coach Brooke picked it up and towed it out to the race course. Matthew ended up finishing in 2nd place in the Red Fleet and his race finishes for day 2 were 1, 1, 6. He finished the regatta with a total of 18 points. Thank you SHYC!

A big thank you to Coach Brooke for hosting her Opti-A team with her aunt and uncle at their home in Scituate. The team had a blast playing wii, eatting ice cream sundaes and watching shark week at the end of each race day.

The 420- sailors were challenged with light, shifty breeze at Scituate. Even though there were difficult conditions, they still represented WDYC very well! A big congratulations to Andrew Warner and Brian Daley for finishing 3rd out of 37 boats. Max Seferian/Mike Sweeney and Brad Seferian/Katie Galanis had consistent top 10 finishes throughout the regatta. Way to go 420- race teams!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Opti New Englands- July 29,30,31

The 2011 USODA Opti New Englands are hosted by Beverly Yacht Club in Marion, MA this weekend. Three of our WDYC sailors will be competing in the event. Best of luck to Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Matthew Sweeney and Jake Hawk as they compete against opti sailors from all over the country. We are so proud of you!!!

420-A- Hyannis Yacht Club Regatta

Our WDYC Sailors are headed off to Hyannis Yacht Club Regatta this weekend. The fleet has 100 boats and our sailors will be competing amongst the best sailors in the country. The registration for HYC shows that sailors from the following yacht clubs will be in attenance: Chicago YC, Annapolis YC, Houston YC, Coral Reef YC. There will be some intense competition! In addition to 420's HYC is hosting F-18's, J-22's and Lasers.

Best of luck to Andrew Warner, Brian Daley, Oliver Dodd and Mark Tracy. Go get em' boys!

Crazy Hat Day Brings Crazy Light Wind

As the Beginner Opti and Intermediate Opti classes left the dock.. their boats were sailing VERY slow! With the sun shining and the wind blowing 0-5 this morning.. I'm sure they will find other ways to keep busy as they float along Bass River.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Regatta Registration Deadlines

Scituate Jr. Regatta( 420-A and B): July 29th
Belle of the West (Opti-B): August 2nd
Beverly Jr. Regatta: Friday, August 5th
Chatham Regatta: No pre-registration (day-of and FREE!)
Hyannis Invitational: August 8th

CRAZY HAT DAY- Thursday, Friday

This week's theme is CRAZY HAT DAY!

Hyannis Regatta Plan

9:00 a.m:. 420-A delivers the boats to HYC

8:15: Depart WDYC for HYC
8:00-10:30: Check-in
11:00: Skippers Meeting
11:30: Harbor start

7:30: Depart WDYC for HYC
9:30: Harborstart

7:30: Depart WDYC for HYC
9:30: Harborstart

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stonehorse Results

Stonehorse Results

BRYC Invite Opti Results (updated)

Wianno Opti X-Treme

Goodluck to Eddy Goggin and Jake Hawk who will be representing WDYC at Wianno Tuesday and Wednesday. Sail fast boys!

July 26
10:00: Check-in
11:00: Lunch
11:30: Skippers Meeting
12:00- Harbor Start

July 27th
Report Time: 7:45

8:30: Harbor Start
2:00: Awards

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sailing, Sailing

The Beginner Opti class made their own version of Justin Beiber's "Baby, Baby" see the lyrics posted below!

Sailing, Sailing, Sailing
You see me sailing, at the WD,
Just shout whatever and I'll sail there.
You are my opti, you are my sail,
And we will never, ever sail apart.

Oh sailing, sailing, sailing, oh like, sailing, sailing sailing.
Oh sailing, sailing, sailing, oh like, sailing, sailing sailing,
I thought I would always be the best.

When I was 7, I had my first sail,
There was nothing that compared, to my first boat,
And no sail could ever come between us because I was too fast to ever come above.

Oh sailing, sailing, sailing, oh like, sailing, sailing sailing.
Oh sailing, sailing, sailing, oh like, sailing, sailing sailing,
I thought I would always be the best.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hawaiian Day Pictures!

Instructor Laura with Emma, Elizabeth, Ana, Kasey and Ella
 Elizabeth Corney, Emma Grande, Ella Norton, Ana Corney all dressed up  in their Hawaiian skirts!
 Ana Corney running for the girls team!
Sam Knight wearing purple crocs running in the relay race!

 Jack "hula-boy" Golden

Jack doing the limbo in Beginner Opti!
Jared Kostas, Jack Golden, Aidan Kostas, Brady Martin, Wyatt Archibald, James Bracken

Beginner Opti- Week 4

On Monday/Thursday the Beginner Opti sailors were bound to land to due heavy winds. Thankfully, our creative instructors kept them busy with nautical flags, sailing songs and sailing gear/wear relay races. The relay races were hysterical as they dressed in lifejackets, sunglasses, hats and crocs. In the boys vs. girls races, they ran/huled to a Hawaiian girl and ran back.

During sailing on Tuesday/Wednesday they practiced capsizing, tacking and gybing. They are becoming more confident each day in the pram. Instructors Laura and Lauren are very impressed with their progress this summer!

Stonehorse- tomorrow!

Opti-A and Opti-B are heading to Stonehorse Opti X-Treme Regatta tomorrow!

WDYC Arrival: 7:45
Check-in: 7:30-8:30
Skippers Meeting: 9:00
Harbor Start: 9:30
*Races will not begin after 3:30*

Coaches Brook and Marissa will be in attedance. We suggest parents drop-off boats tonight as the parking lot is crazy tomorrow morning!

Bass River Results!

At 8:00 yesterday morning, our sailors left WDYC ready for the competition at BRYC Invite. As they pushed off the dock, the breeze was very light. As they sailed out to the race course, the fog rolled in and the racers could barely see the marks! Thankfully the sun came out and burned off the fog and they successfully completed 4 races on the 420 line and 5 races on the opti line. The wind shifted to the southwest and began to build throughout the afternoon races. After arriving back at BRYC, they enjoyed a BBQ and awards ceremony. Congratulations to our sailors who brought home hardware!

3rd Place: (420's): Andrew Warner/ Brian Daley
1st Place: (Opti Red): Jake Hawk
2nd Place: (Opti Red): Sebastian-Halpern-Reiss
3rd Place: (Opti Green): CJ McKenna

420-Results (Click here)
Opti Results to follow (not yet updated on the BRYC website)

Congratulations to all of our WDYC sailors who participated in the Bass River YC Invitational!

Andrew Warner, Brian Daley, Caroline Bracken, Erin Sullivan, Brad Seferian, Max Seferian, Mike Sweeney, Matthew Sweeney, Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Jake Hawk, Eddy Goggin, Caroline Sullivan, Chloe Troy, Walter Sullivan, Isabelle Dodd and CJ McKenna

Intermediate Opti: Week 4 Recap

On Monday/Thursday, due to a heavy southwest wind, the interemdiates were stuck on shore. They learned nautical flags, tightened their sail ties on their sails and composed sailing songs. Please refer to the lyrics of "Sailing at the WD" posted earlier in the week! On Tuesday and Wednesday they were back on the water, practicing mark roundings on a slalom course. They also practiced safely docking their boats. They are really coming a long way as we mark the half-point in the summer!

Scituate Jr. Regatta: 420 A-B Parent Meeting

Monday, July 25th at 4:30 we will have a parent meeting regarding logistics for Scituate Jr. Regatta.

Scituate Jr. Regatta is scheduled for Monday, August 1st and Tuesday, August 2nd.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hawaiian Day

The theme for Thursday and Friday is HAWAIIAN! Please dress in your favorite grass skirt, flowered shirt and leiis!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Opti-A &B to Bass River/ 420-B to Bass River

Bass River Invitational
Wednesday, July 20th

Report to WDYC: 7:15 a.m.
Depart WDYC: 7:45 a.m. to sail/tow at Bass River Yacht Club

Registration (day-of) at BRYC: 8:00-9:00 a.m.
$30 per person (breakfast, on-water snack, post-race BBQ)

Skippers Meeting: 9:15 a.m.
Sailing at the W.D.

By Intermediate Opti Class

(Tune of Party in the USA)

I hopped in my boat at W.D. with a life jacket on my back,

Welcome to the land of sailing class OH am I gonna go fast?

Jumped in the boat here I am for the first time,

Look to my right and I see someone capsize.

This is all so crazy, my sailing partners name is daisy.

My tummys turning and I’m feeling kinda seasick, going fast and I’m nervous.

That’s when the instructor turned on the radio.

And a sailing song was on

a sailing song was on

a sailing song was on

So I pulled my sheets in,

Going so fast everything turned out right.

Steering the boat like yeah

Sitting on the edge like yeah

Got my sheets in they’re playing my song

they know I’m gonna go so fast

YEAH! Sailing at the W.D.

YEAH! Sailing at the W.D.

Edgartown Pictures

Coach Ryan and the 420-A team had a competive two days at Edgartown Jr. Regatta. Due to the wind, the first day was canceled and they were forced to shop around Edgartown and enjoy Murdick's Fudge. After a nice day of rest and relaxation, they reported to Chappy early on Friday to fix boats and rig for the first day of racing. The wind was consistently blowing between 10-15. While they struggled to get off the starting line in the large fleet at the start of the day,  they made the necessary adjustments to improve their racing. After a long day of 8 races, they sailed back into Chappy. On Saturday morning, they set out again for the race course. The wind was shifty throughout the day which challenged our sailors to be ready for any condition. They finished a total of 6 races on Saturday to complete the regatta (totaling 14 races). After an exhausting two days of racing, the sailors packed up the 420's and headed to Vineyard Haven to board the ferry. A BIG thank you to the Warner and Sullivan families for delivering the coach boat back to West Dennis YC. Another big thank you to the Halpern-Reiss's for delivering hardware to our 420 sailors and hosting our WDYC parents to cheer our on our sailors!

Fun in the sun!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stonehorse Rescheduled

Due to the heavy wind, Stonehorse Opti Regatta has been rescheduled to Friday.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Light breeze gets our sailors back on the water!

Coach Brooke and Coach Ryan reported that the breeze is light and the sailors have taken off from Chappy and are headed out to the race course.

 WDYC Parent Spectator Boat (Thank you to the Halpern-Reiss's for hosting everyone!)
Katie Galanis with Mr. Galanis before racing.

420-B Regatta Schedule

Bass River Invitational (7/20)
Scituate Jr. Regatta (8/1 and 8/2)
Hyannis Invitational (8/11)

Coach Chris will be assigning skipper/crew pairs and sail numbers for each event.

Stonehorse Opti Regatta- Monday 7/20

Opti-A and Opti-B to Stonehorse Opti Regatta

Monday, July 18th
Check-in/Arrival: 7:30-8:30

Skippers Meeting: 9:00

Harbor Start: 9:30
Registration Fee: $45.00

Register on regattanetwork.com by 7/16

regatta network (click here)

Day of Registration: $50.00

Coaches Brooke and Marissa will be in attendance!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update- EYC

Day 1 of Edgartown Jr. Regatta was canceled due to the wind.. .check out the pictures below!

 Look closely at the white caps!
Andrew Warner fixing the 420 for tomorrow's races

Opti-A live from Edgartown

(Jake Hawk, Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Mike Sweeney, Mrs. Sweeney, Mrs. Halpern-Reiss)

With the winds gusting to 35, the Opti fleet was canceled for day one racing at Edgartown Jr. Regatta. The WDYC racers are staying busy as they walk the streets of Edgartown eating Murdick's Fudge and Mad Martha's Ice Cream.

Coach Ryan reported that the 420 fleet is postponed until 2:00 pm. They are hoping the winds will come down so the fleet can get their first day of racing off. We will keep you posted on their day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SMSA Ladder Events

In 1986, the SMSA Grand Prix Championship was organized to encourage competition amongst the junior sailors of Southern Massachusetts. The SMSA Champion is the individual with the highest cumulative score from six regattas.

Opti Events
1. New Bedford Jr. Regatta
2. Edgartown Regatta
3. Stonehorse Regatta
4. Scitutate Jr. Regatta
5. Beverly Jr. Regatta
6. Duxbury Bay Maritime School Regatta

420 Events
1. New Beford Jr. Regatta
2. Edgartown Jr. Regatta
3. Falmouth Regatta
4. Vineyard Haven Regatta
5. Beverly Jr. Regatta

NBJR Results


Congratulations to Andrew Warner/Katie Galanis and Oliver Dodd/Mark Tracy for successfully competing in their first SMSA regatta of the season!

Edgartown is here already?

420-A sailors are to report to WDYC at 9:45 a.m. for a gear check. Coach Ryan will load up the car and the sailors will be leaving at 10:15 a.m.. The trailer/car is on the 12:00 p.m. ferry from Woods Hole to Oak Bluffs. Once the sailors have arrived at EYC, they will head over to Chappy to rig the boats. At 4:00 they will check-in at registration and report to their housing. Harborstart is at 10 a.m. on Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Best of luck 420-sailors.. we know you will make us proud!

For the first time, three WDYC Opti sailors are participating in the Edgartown Regatta! We wish Matthew Sweeney, Jake Hawk and Sebastian Halpern-Reiss luck in this SMSA event. GO WDYC!

WDYC Invitational

Congratulations to the following WDYC sailors who battled the breeze and participated in the invitational on Monday! Each line finished 5 races in total before enjoying a BBQ back at the club. We had 175 sailors total participate in the invitational! A big thank you to all of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to help with set-up, scoring, registration, beach launch, grill and cooking.

Opti Sailors
Eddie Goggin
Sebastian Halpern-Reiss
Jake Hawk
Matthew Sweeney
Lizzie Massman
Otilia Olmedo
Chloe Troy
Kirrill Mastrocola
Isabelle Dodd
Cameron Archibald
CJ McKenna
Noah Banks
Walter Sullivan

420 Sailors
Andrew Warner/ Katie Galanis
Oliver Dodd/ Mark Tracy
Max/ Danny

Results can be found at: Results (click here)
Congratulations to our sailors who brought home hardware!
Jake Hawk (2nd place red fleet)
Sebastian Halpern-Reiss (4th place red fleet)
Matthew Sweeney (5th place red fleet)
Oliver Dodd/Mark Tracy (4th place in 420's)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 2 Recap!

Beginner Opti focused on knot tying, parts of the sail, tacking and gybing

Intermediate Opti focused on: tacking, tiller switches, pulling the mainsheet in

Intro to Race Opti focused on upwind sailing and tiller switches

Beginner 420 focused on docking, tiller switches and boat positioning

Intermediate 420 focuses on tacking upwind and proper use of the tiller extension

Intro to Race 420 focused on starts and tacking/gybing

Cruising focused on upwind sailing, gybing downwind and body placement in the 420.

Opti Race A focused on mark roundings and using their weight to steer to the boat

Opti Race B focused on tacking, gybing and starts

420 Race B focused on spinnaker and traping work in preparation for the WDYC Invitational

420-A to New Bedford Jr. Regatta

We sent the 420-A team off to their first SMSA Grand Prix event this weekend. Coach Ryan feels confident after two full weeks of practice that they are ready for this event!

Best of luck to Andrew Warner/Katie Galanis and Mark Tracy/Oliver Dodd. We will keep you posted on their results. GO WDYC!

420 WDYC Invite Pairs

Max/ Danny (sail # 8853)
Brad/Patrick (sail# 8850)
Katie/Alexis (sail#5858)
Alex/Caroline (sail#5292)

Mark/Oliver (sail#1798)
Andrew/Katie (sail#6576)

All WDYC Sailors must report to the club at 7:30 on Monday morning. The boats will be towed out to the race course at 8:00 a.m.

Opti-A Stage Harbor Results

After a postponement and some severe thunder storms, the Opti A team faced the fog in Chatham.   Five W.D. sailors, Sebastian Halpern Reiss, Jake Hawk, Ed Goggin and Matthew Sweeney in the championship fleet and C.J. McKenna in the green fleet, battled some building wind and had some great finishes.  After three races on the championship line, West Dennis sailors racked up a first place finish and a second place finish as well as many top ten finishes. 

On the green line C.J. came away with a second place finish, a third place finish and another top ten finish.  At the end of the day WD sailors came home with some hardware! Sebastian finished fourth in red fleet, and C.J. in his first regatta finished third in the green fleet!  The other West Dennis sailors also had amazing finishes, Matthew and Jake finished top ten in red fleet, and Ed finished 17th out of 38 boats in blue fleet. 

Great first regatta of the season, and we look forward to great finishes at the invitational on Monday!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The WDYC Invitational is on Monday, July 11th! The following classes will be participating: 420-A, 420-B, Opti-A, Opti-B, Intro to Race Opti, Intro to Race 420.

Please sign up online at regattanetwork.com (click on calendar and scroll to July 11). 420 participants will be assigned a crew/skipper/ sail number for the event.

We are still looking for volunteers for Monday! Please contact Dave Watson.

Opti-A to Stageharbor

On Friday, July 8th the Opti-A team will travel to their first regatta of the season!

Stage Harbor Yacht Club: 19 Champlain Street Chatham, MA

WDYC Report Time: 7:45 a.m.
8:00-9:00: Registration
9:00: Skipper's Meeting
9:30: Harbor Start

The Sweeney family is taking care of water/snacks (Thank you!)

Race Team Parent Meetings

Opti-Race B
4:00 on Wednesday, July 6th

420- Race A
12:30 on Friday, July 8th

420-Race B
1:00 on Friday, July 8th

Please contact Meghan if you cannot attend. Regatta schedules/logistics will be discussed at our meeting.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reminder- Closed-toed shoes

We require all sailors to be wearing closed-toed shoes (sneakers, water shoes, crocs) for safety on the dock and on the boats at all times. Starting next week, we will not allow sailors in class to be out on the boat if they are wearing open-toed shoes.


We are always looking for donations of empty laundry detergent containers for 420 and Opti bailers... if you have any at home, please send them in! Thank you!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 1 Pictures