Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 Regatta Schedule

OPTI PARENTS: Please refer to the recommended regatta list below. If you are planning on attending a regatta, you MUST sign-up on the sheets on the door of the office. If we are sending a large number of WDYC racers to a regatta, we will send a second coach for the safety of our sailors!
420 A- Schedule
  1. New Bedford Jr. Regatta (July 10,11)
  2. Edgartown Regatta (July 15,16,17)
  3. Vineyard Haven Regatta (July 26,27)
  4. Hyannis Regatta (July 30,31, Aug. 1)
  5. Hyannis Invitational (August 12)
  6. Beverly Jr. Regatta (August 17,18)
420 B- Tenative Schedule
1. WDYC Invite (July 5)
2. Bass River Invite (July 19)
3. Duxbury Bay Regatta (July 24,25)
4. Bass River 420 Cup Race (August 4)
5. Belle of the West (August 5)
6. Hyannis Invitational (Aug 12)

Opti A-Team Regatta Recommendations
  1.  WDYC Invite (July 5)
  2. Stage Harbor Opti Regatta (July 9)
  3. Stonehorse Opti X-Treme (July 12)
  4. Bass River Invitational (July 19)
  5. Wianno Opti Regatta (July 28,29)
  6. Hyannis Regatta (July 30,31,Aug. 1)**
  7. Hy-port Invitational 
  8. Belle of the West (August 6)
  9. Hyannis Invitational (August 12)
  10. Beverly Jr. Regatta (August 17,18)

Opti B- Tenative Schedule
  1. WDYC Invite (July 5)
  2. Wequaquet Lake Invite (July 6)
  3. Bass River Invite (July 19)
  4. Wianno Opti Regatta (July 28,29)
  5. Belle of the West (August 5)
  6. Barnstable Green Fleet Regatta (August 10)
  7. HYC Invite (August 12)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Smoothe Sailing on Day 2

After the crazy wind yesterday we had a PERFECT day today! All of our sailors had the opportunity to get back on the water and feel the Bass River breeze in their sails.  The beginner opti sailors focused on parts of the boat, steering and most of all "TILLER TOWARDS TROUBLE!" This is a common phrase you will hear with the beginner class. Parents, ask your beginner about the parts of the boat, there's no doubt in my mind that you will be impressed with their knowledge!

Brooke's intermediate opti's set sail for their first sail in their new boats. They focused on sailing through the mooring field while using their tiller extension.  You may have heard them singing into their tiller extension for practice! They also discussed the value of teamwork.
Teamwork is a big part of intermediate opti as the students are on their own (Yes, that's right Mom and Dad, it's your child's responsibility to rig their boat!)

The 420 beginner class led by Ryan Daly and Mildred worked on the basics of rigging and points of sail. They were timid leaving the dock but had very confident dock landings upon their return.  I am excited to watch the progression of this class throughout the summer. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be dominating in 420's before we know it.

The intermediate 420 class led by D.J. and Chris Warner reviewed rigging and boat handling. With many confident sailors returning to this class, they kept calm when chaos ensued at the dock.  They led by example and I'm sure they will be great role-models for the beginners.

As the afternoon approached, the 420 and opti race teams were excited to show their skills on the water for their first day of try-outs.  Mildred, Ali and Patrick hosted 4 races and had a confident feel for their sailors. Brooke and DJ held their opti races in the river and only had a few capsizes!While the race teams were getting to work on the course, Ryan worked with the advanced opti sailors for safety checks and dock landings. They looked great and I'm sure they will be sailing out to Nantucket Sound before we know it!

The deadline for New Bedford Jr. Regatta registration is Thursday, July 1st. Opti parents, if you are interested in attending NBJR this year, please let Meghan know by Friday so we can arrange for Coach Brooke to be there.

Don't forget that Thursday and Friday are our first theme days! Dress up in red, white and blue!

Tuesday Video's

Thank you for the video clips Mr. Galanis! We appreciate it!

Pictures from Day 1

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1 brings gusts to 30 mph!!!

As the sailors arrived eager to start their first day on the water, the gusty wind kept them on shore.  Although they tried to convince me that it was the perfect wind to sail, I knew we needed to dust off the cob webs before we attempted our first breezy day! The Beginner Opti class focused on the basics of safety and the parts of the boat. The Intermediate Opti class was excited to show off their new boats as they learned the basics of rigging. They worked to perfect their sails so that they are ready for their first sail on Wednesday.  As the opti sailors focused on their lesson, the 420 sailors had rigging races and reviewed the parts of the boat. 

As the afternoon approached, the 420 and Opti Race teams arrived for their first day of try-outs.  Disappointed that they couldn't sail, I reassured them that they would be very busy for the afternoon.  They completed their physical fitness portion of try-outs as they ran down West Dennis Beach doing Indian sprints.  They also worked on their upper body strength and ab muscles while doing  sit-ups and push-ups on the front lawn.  By the end of the day, we had very tired racers, but we are determined to have the most in-shape sailors at the WDYC!

Just a few reminders:
1. There is NO parking allowed in the rear lot near the ramp Monday through Friday from 8:00-4:30.
2. Opti kids- Mast clips and bumpers (especially for intermediates) are STRONGLY suggested.
3. Thursday and Friday are red, white and blue days... don't forget to dress up!
4. WDYC Invite is next Monday and there will be NO classes.

Cross your fingers for a lighter breeze on day 2, we want our sailors back out on the river!

Meet the Senior Staff!

Ali Love is returning to WDYC as an instructor for her sixth summer.  She just completed her junior year at Cornell University where she is majoring in Civil Engineering.  Ali is the dingy coordinator for the Cornell sailing team and had a great season this past spring.  Over winter break, she traveled to Antigua with her team and sailed on three 50 foot boats!  She is looking forward to another great summer at WDYC as she instructs Beginner Opti and 420 Race B.

Patrick Hession is returning to WDYC as a senior instructor for his second summer.  He successfully completed his freshman year at Boston College where he joined the sailing team.  While crewing on the team, Patrick gained confidence and experience as a crew.  The BC sailing team traveled to Wisconsin for their last regatta and earned the title of National Champions! Patrick is excited to instruct Beginner Opti and assist with the 420 Race team.

Mildred Conroy is back for the 2010 season as the 420 Race coach.  She attends Washington College and plays a strong role as a skipper on the sailing team. She had a successful spring with her team and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with her 420 racers.  Last year she coached her team to top SMSA finishes and is eager to so again this summer.

D.J. Hatch is returning to WDYC for his third summer as a senior instructor. He will be a senior at Bowdoin College  in the fall where he is majoring  in Archeology. He just recently traveled to Italy for his spring semester and enjoyed the experience in a new culture.  D.J is also the captain of the Bowdoin sailing team. He can’t wait to coach the Opti B team and improve their skills on the race course.

Brooke Baker is returning as the Opti Race coach for her second summer here at WDYC. She recently completed her freshman year as Wesleyan University where she is majoring in Chemistry. Brooke played on the field hockey team at Wesleyan this past fall and also sailed on the club team this spring. She spent two weeks in June biking 700 miles through France.  She is thrilled to be back at WDYC coaching her opti sailors to top finishes on the race course!

Attention Opti Parents:

We are strongly suggesting that you purchase a mast clip for your child’s boat. They cost $25 at Sturgis Boat Works in West Yarmouth. They prevent a costly expense of fiberglass repair when the boat capsizes and the mast step cracks. Please consider this purchase as it is a good investment. Also, it is recommended that ALL intermediate opti sailors purchase a bumper for their boat. Again, this saves on costly repairs in the long run!


There will be NO PARKING allowed in the rear lot next to the boat ramp. For the safety of our sailors, we DO NOT want cars pulling in and out of that area.

Thank you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Theme Days


July 1-2
 Red, White and Blue
July 8-9
Sports Day
July 15-16
Farmer’s Day
July 22-23
Hawaiian Day
July 29-30
80’s Day
August 5-6
Crazy Hat Day
August 12-13
Pirate Day
August 16-20
Harry Potter Week

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Attention WDYC Sailing Parents:
Sailing Orientation will be held Saturday morning, June 26th at 9:00 a.m.

Due to the Fishing Tournament schedule, the Sailing Parent meeting listed on the calendar for Friday, June 25 will NOT take place.

**Opti sailors are welcome to have their Optis inspected by an instructor Saturday morning.  If you can not attend, please refer to the sailing blog for meeting updates

Avatar Instructors!

The senior instructors returned back to WDYC for their first day of work week. The first job of the season was to paint the bottoms of all of the whalers. By the end of the day, everyone was covered in paint. Everyone looked more like Avatar's than sailing instructors! A big welcome back to Ali, DJ, Mildred, Patrick and Brooke. Only a few more days until the start of the season!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

WDYC Invitational 2010

Hello Everyone!
The WDYC Invitational is one of the largest annual events for our club. The invitational will be held on Monday July 5th and there will be NO SAILING CLASSES that day. Last year the invitational attracted 166 sailors from yacht clubs both on and off the cape. With so many other yacht clubs attending, this is a great way to show the spirit of the club. In order to have a safe and successful event we need the help of both experienced and new members. The list below includes the areas we are searching for volunteers to help with. Thanks you in advance for dedicating your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated.
Set up
Setting up the ballroom the night before
Signing in the sailors sell t-shirts give out water and snacks
Help in the kitchen in the morning
Lunch/ Baked Goods
Help in the kitchen in the afternoon
Parking Lot
Directing the teams in the morning to the resident beach parking lot
Boat Patrol
Boats are needed to help patrol the race courses (Patrol boats are very important for safety and we need as many as possible)
Resident Beach
Getting the sailboats out on time and helping them as they come back to the beach
PLEASE contact Amy Hatch if you can help:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010 Season in 27 DAYS!

Hi Everyone!
After a long, cold, snowy winter we are only 27 days away from the first day of the sailing program!!! As you can tell, I am very excited about this day. We fortunate to welcome back our entire senior staff of instructors! I would like to welcome Ali Love, D.J. Hatch, Mildred Conroy, Brooke Baker and Patrick Hession back for another great season of sailing at WDYC. They have all been working hard at school and are excited for what the summer will bring. Stay tuned for their updated bio's to hear all about their busy months at school!

I am very excited to return as the Program Director for my second summer at WDYC! I am thankful for the invitation back and have already been planning for a fun-filled summer for the sailing program. I just recently graduated from Stonehill College with double major in Early Childhood Education and Sociology. I accepted a job last week at St. John's School in Canton and am looking forward to my first year of teaching in the Fall :-)

As I plan out the calendar for the summer, I am looking for your suggestions! We are always working to improve the program based on years past. Please email: with any suggestions for the upcoming season. I look forward to seeing you all in the next few weeks. If you have not yet signed up for sailing, please do so A.S.A.P!

Happy June!