Thursday, August 12, 2010

WDYC Winners!

A BIG congratulations to WDYC 420 sailors who brought home the hardware from the HYC Invite today! Skipper Chris Warner and crew Laura Adams WON the regatta with three 1st place finishes and a 2nd!! Skipper Nick Arabia and Kelsey Goggin finished in 3rd place overall for the regatta! WAY TO GO 420 SAILORS WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

Please stay tuned for a coaches report from Brooke and Ali on the day! WDYC represented us well at Hyannis and we have a lot to share!
Luke Norton, Cameron Archibald, Bobby DeMarco, Ana Norton and Olivia Kostas on Pirate Day 2010

Pirate Day!

This morning, the beginner and intermediate 420 and opti classes participated in the annual WDYC Pirate Day Treasure Hunt! They were decked out in bandannas, skulls and black eyes and looked fantastic. They began the treasure hunt on land and ended up at boaters beach digging for the treasure box. Everyone had a fun filled morning filled with sailing memories :)

Thanks to Mrs. Norton for the pictures!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coaches Mildred and Chris were so excited that the intermediate's were ALL flying their kites!
Brad Seferian and Cam Roach sucessfully flying their spinnaker in intermediate 420 class!! Way to go!!

Barnstable Green Fleet

Congratulations to all of our green fleet sailors who participated in the Barnstable Green Fleet regatta on Tuesday! They raced in the difficult current on the North side but worked hard to represent WDYC well! A big congratulations to Lana Klosowski for her 3rd place finish! We will post results when they are online!

Way to go greenie's!



The WDYC 420 sailors are meeting at the club at 7:30 to depart for Hyannis Invite.

8:00- Check-in and Registration
9:00- Skippers Meeting
Post-Racing: Tow back to WDYC promptly to get ready for the Commodore's Ball. 

GOOD LUCK TO OUR 420 and opti racers tomorrow! Represent us well!!



Monday, August 9, 2010

Barnstable Green Fleet- TOMORROW!

WDYC Arrival at Barnstable: 8:45
Check-in/ Registration: 9:00
Skippers Meeting: 10:00
Harbor Start: 10:30 

Coach DJ will be in attendance! Good luck GREEN FLEETERS!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

420-B Race Updates

Bass River

Last Wednesday, the 420-B team headed down the river for the Bass River 420 Challenge.  The breeze was up, and by the time we sailed over to BRYC, a number of our boats had already capsized, so we knew we were in for a challenging day of sailing.  The wind continued to pick up throughout the morning, so the race course was set in the river instead of out in the ocean.  Our sailors were excited to get out there and practice their heavy-wind sailing skills that we’ve been practicing throughout the summer, so without hesitation, they sailed out on the whitecap-filled river.  After the first race, the wind continued to pick up, and during the second race, there were gusts up to 30 knots! All of the sailors started to have trouble keeping control of the boats, and after some gnarly capsizes, the race committee called off the rest of racing for the day.  It was a short day of racing, but the team had a lot of fun, and Sean O’Sullivan and Alexis Hamel won the sportsmanship award!

Belle of the West

This past Friday, the 420-B team crossed to the other side of the cape to sail at the Belle of the West regatta at Dennis Yacht Club. Unfortunately, the wind did not cooperate, and the team spent most of the day drifting around the course, hoping for the wind to fill in. They managed to get two races off, and our sailors did a great job of staying focused and keeping their heads in the game.  It was a challenge just to keep the boats moving forward with such a light breeze, but all six of our boats finished the races with smiles on their faces.  Mac Halpern-Reiss and Cooper Klosowski were even awarded the sportsmanship award at the end of the day!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Next Week's Theme: PIRATE!

Pirate Day is usually our most popular theme so we wanted to warn everyone in advance!! Sailors are advised to come dressed in their best pirate gear next Thursday and Friday.  A treasure hunt will take place both days! (Parents: Candy donations would be greatly appreciated for our treasure box goodie bags!) Thank you in advance!

420's Go Trapping!

                                                 Erin Daly, Kelly Watson and Collen Sheridan

This week in the morning 420 classes, DJ, Mildred, Ryan and Chris worked on trapping with their students. The steady breeze allowed them to get comfortable out on the wire. Check out the pictures!
Brad works hard to keep Cam out on the wire!
Cam you are looking good out there!

420's Go Trapping!

 Instructor DJ with his on-land trapezing demonstration

Crazy Hat Day

Sea-Squirts Ella Norton and Emma Grande on crazy hat day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sailing School T-Shirts

The Sailing School t-shirts will be for sale before and after class next week. The shirts cost $10.00 and look FANTASTIC :) Don't miss out!

Sea-Bass Represents WDYC at Opti New Englands!

Sebastian Halpern-Reiss left for Newport on Monday to represent WDYC in Opti New Englands. After nine races, he was in 220 out of 321 boats overall. He also finished 92 out of 151 boats in the blue fleet. He is sailing against opti racers from all over the world. WAY TO GO SEA-BASS!!!

USA 18318

Hyannis Port Invite and Wianno Opti Regatta

HPYC Invite
Last Thursday the Opti race team traveled to Hyannis port for a windy and wavy day on the water.  The day brought gusts to 20 knots and huge waves, but the sailors completed  a series of three races.  West Dennis had a strong showing with one sailor in the green fleet and five sailors in the championship fleet.  We ended the day on a good note when our own Brad Seferian won the final race! Brad ended up in third place overall and third in red fleet. Congratulations to Otilia, Eddy, Carly, Brett and Katie for their participation.

Wianno Opti Regatta 
Last week the Opti race teams traveled to Wianno for a SMSA grand prix event.  With the winds gusting above 25, it was challenging task just getting beach.  Thankfully with the support of our Opti parents we were able to get all our boats pushed off the ramp.  Wednesday was a crazy day and they finished one race in the ocean and another three races inside Cotuit Bay. One race was an “around the island” distance race.  Thursday was another great day and we stayed inside North Bay. The WDYCrace team did a great job of completing the races in shifty breeze. Way to go WDYC racers, you represented us well!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Opti sailors Matthew Sweeney and Jake Hawk at Scituate Jr. Regatta
Kelsey Goggin, Michael Sweeney, Nick Arabia and Katie Galanis unloading boats at Scituate

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Opti Advanced Rock the Wind!

Noah Banks, Ian Johnson and Alexander Kostas were fearless in class today. They were hiking out and keeping their opti's flat in the gusts to 20 mph wind! WAY TO GO ADVANCED OPTIS :) 

Scituate Results!

After two final races today, Kelsey Goggin and Nick Arabia finished 4th overall at Scituate Jr. Regatta! They had an impressive first place finish in race 5 which was very exciting!  A big congratulations to the two of them and Michael Sweeney and Katie Galanis for finishing 16th in the fleet of 43 boats. Way to go 420 racers!

Matthew Sweeney and Jake Hawk also represented WDYC well at Scituate! Matthew finished 6th in blue fleet and 9th overall. Jake finished 8th in blue fleet and 11th overall, way to go boys!

Results here

Monday, August 2, 2010

August already?!

It's hard to believe we are in the month of August already! There are only three weeks left of the program and our students are showing great improvement in all aspects of their sailing. Today the beginner opti full season sailors were sailing SOLO! They practiced a triangle and learned about starboard and port tacks. They were very impressive. While the beginners were hard at work, the intermediates practiced sailing a triangle in the ocean. Way to go intermediate's!

The 420 beginner class worked on a triangle course, upwind sailing and jibing. Ryan is very pleased with their progress! Chris and Mildred focused on upwind sailing with the intermediate 420's. As the afternoon approached, the breeze picked up and the 420-B team had the opportunity to work on their starts. They will be traveling to the Bass River Challenge Cup on Wednesday. We wish them the best of luck.  The opti race team will be traveling over to the Hyannisport Invite tomorrow. They also practiced their starts today in anticipation for tomorrow! Sail fast WDYC racers!

As things were busy at WDYC, we had six of our sailors racing at the Scituate Jr. Regatta.  The 420 sailors representing WDYC were: Nick Arabia/Kelsey Goggin and Michael Sweeney/Katie Galanis. There are 43 boats on the line and after the first day, Kelsey and Nick are in 3rd place! Woo-ho! We also had Matthew Sweeney and Jake Hawk on the opti line.  Matthew is in 10th and Jake is in 11th after the first day!

A reminder that SAILING GRADUATION is Friday, August 20th at 7:00. Please mark your calendars for a fun night of sailing memories!!!

This Thursday and Friday is CRAZY HAT DAY! Prizes will be awarded for the best hat!

HYC Regatta

Over the weekend we sent three 420's to the Hyannis Yacht Club regatta. Usually HYC regatta brings winds gusting to 30 mph but that all changed this year! The first two days of the regatta brought light breeze of 5-7. We had some very frustrated sailors in the 101 boat fleet. They were competing against sailors from all over the world in this open regatta. They sailed against teams from Chicago, Annapolis, Bermuda, Ft. Lauderdale and many others!

We also want to extend a BIG congratulations to 420-A Coach Mildred Conroy for her debut appearance in her new J-22. She placed 2nd overall in the regatta!! She raced against many experienced J-22 sailors and blew them away with her racing talent. She had Opti-A coach Brooke Baker aboard as crew so make sure to congratulate her as well! Patrick Hession, Ali Love and DJ Hatch also sailed fast on the 420 line! Way to go WDYC coaches!

We also had one WDYC opti sailor compete at Hyannis! Congratulations to blue fleet sailor, Ryan Vittimberga for his participation in the 3 day event. He sailed against opti racers from all over the country and had a great time out there. Way to go Mythbuster!

HYC Results (click)

Coaches Mildred and Brooke taking home hardware from HYC Regatta!

Opti Race Updates

Hyannis Port- Tuesday, August 3rd
WDYC Sailors Report: 8:00 
Registration: 8:00-9:00 (printed registration outside of the sailing office in the yellow folder)
Skippers Meeting: 9:00

Coach Brooke will be in attendance!

Belle of the West- Friday, August 6th
Registration (click here) by Tuesday, August 3rd or there is a late fee! 

8:00-Check in

9:00- Skippers Meeting
2:30- Last starting sequence

Barnstable Green Fleet by Monday, August 2nd or $10 late fee.
This is the first year that Barnstable is online registration only!