Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sailing Video

Pre-sale for the 2011 Sailing Video will be on Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30-1:00. They cost $15.00 (cash only). All of the money collected will go directly to the sailing program.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hyannis Invitational

HYC Invite Results

Congratulations to Opti Red Fleet sailor Matthew Sweeney for his 4th place finish at HYC! Way to go!

Congratulations to Opti Green Fleet sailor CJ McKenna for his 1st place finish! (with a total of 6 points for the day!)

During the last race of the day on the 420 line, the wind really picked up and boats were beginning to flip over. Coach Chris approached a 420 from another yacht club as he heard them calling for help. The crew was caught underneith the boat.Chris immediately jumped off of the coach boat to rescue her and free her from the capsized boat. Way to go Chris :)

Beverly Jr. Regatta Recap

On Tuesday and Wednesday the 420-Race Team and Opti Race Team traveled to Beverly Jr. Regatta (the last SMSA event of the summer). The 420's performed well in a competitive fleet and had some top 10 finishes at the regatta. The conditions were light the first day but picked up for the second day. Congratulations to Andrew Warner/Brian Daley, Brad Seferian/Katie Galanis, Max  Seferian/ Mike Sweeney, Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Ed Goggin, Jake Hawk and Matthew Sweeney. The results are listed below.

Opti Results- Beverly

420 Results- Beverly

Monday, August 8, 2011

HYC Invitational- Deadline is today

For any of our 420-A, 420-B, Opti-A and Opti-B sailors who have not yet registered for the HYC Invite, the deadline is today. After today, there is a $40 late fee!


Opti SMSA Results Standings

SMSA as of 8/4
Very impressive results for some of our WDYC Opti Sailors!

Matthew Sweeney- 2nd in Red Fleet (4th overall)
Sebastian Halpern-Reiss- 5th in Red Fleet (9th overall)
Jake Hawk- 7th in Red Fleet (11th overall)

WDYC Racing- Week 7

Tuesday/Wednesday: 420 sailors to Beverly Jr. Regatta (Andrew Warner, Brian Daley, Katie Galanis, Brad Seferian, Max Seferian, Mike Sweeney) and Opti Sailors (Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Ed Goggin, Matthew Sweeney and Jake Hawk)

Thursday: 420-A and 420-B sailors and Opti sailors to Hyannis YC Invitational (Andrew Warner/Brian Daley, Erin Sullivan/Pat Watson, Brad Seferian/Katie Galanis, Alex Sobchuck/Kelly Watson, Sean O'Sullivan/Alexis Hamel, Max Seferian/Kelsey Goggin, Ed Goggin, Seabass, Matt Sweeney, Jake Hawk)

Saturday/Sunday: 420-A Sailors to Duxbury Bay MS Regatta and Opti-A to DBMS

CJ McKenna wins Chatham Regatta!

Green fleet sailor CJ McKenna participated in the Chatham two-day regatta this past weekend. He had five 1st place finishes, one 2nd place finish and two 4th place finishes. Very impressive for a first year racer! He finished with a total of 15 points to win in the green fleet. Way to go CJ! Thanks for representing WDYC :)

Instructor Kelsey Rides the PMC!

Kelsey and Ed Goggin ready for the race!
Starting line
At the finish!

 On Sunday, Kelsey Goggin and her dad Ed Goggin rode 30 miles from Wellesley to Sharon. It was raining heavily for the 1 hour and 25 minute ride, but they successfully crossed the finish line. They finished in the top third of their fleet. Way to Kels and Ed! We are so proud of you!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Intermediate Opti sailed all the way out to the milemarker and all the way back!
 Opti-A Team
Sam Knight beaches the opti and runs to shore to rescue a pink raft that blew from West Dennis Beach.
He successfully retrieved the raft!

Parenting Sailors

Rob Hurd sent me two interesting articles written by Jessica M. Mohler, Clinical and Sport Psychologist and graduate of the US Naval Academy.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Belle of the West

Best of luck to Isabelle Dodd, Chloe Troy and Otilia Olmedo as they sail in the Belle of the West Regatta tomorrow! Go get em' girls!

Arrive at 8:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00
Cookout: 2:30

Coach Marissa will be in attendance.
Dennis YC
4 Harbor Road
E. Dennis

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beginner Opti- Week 6

On Tuesday, the Beginner Opti sailors were treated to freeze-pops as they sailed to the Galanis' house on the river. They practiced steering as they dodged the beach ball from the instructors. On Wednesday, the Beginner Opti sailors successfully sailed all the way to the ocean! They were focusing on downwind sailing and recognizing low-tides while sailing out of the river. They only had 2 kids per boat and they have been use to sailing with 3-4 in a boat. Way to go Beginner Opti :)

Coach Brooke finishes 2nd in HYC Regatta!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Coach Brooke sailed with Mildred Conroy on the J-22 line at Hyannis Regatta. They competed against 10 boats and completed 8 races over the 3-days. They finished with 2 bullets throughout the regatta and finished in 2nd place overall. Way to go Brooke and Mildred!

Intro to Opti Race

On Tuesday in Intro to Opti Race they practiced tacking on the whistle. One whistle= tack. Two whistles= 360. Three whistles= safety position. Four whistles= capsize and re-right the boat. Coaches Kelsey and Laura are very impressed with the progress that these new racers have made this summer. Congratulations to Walter Sullivan who participated in the Hyannisport Green Fleet Regatta yesterday. Another congrats to CJ McKenna and Salty Walty for sailing in Wianno's regatta last week.

Intermediate Opti- Update

This week the intermediate opti class is focusing on upwind/downwind sailing. On Wednesday, they sailed all the way downwind to rock island, where they got off their boats and explored the ocean. They were on the look for Great White sharks as they have been avid Shark Week fans.  They then beated upwind all the way back through the river to WDYC. The instructors were very proud that they didn't need to be towed once! Way to go :)

Scituate Jr. Regatta- Sportsmanship at it's best!

On Monday and Tuesday we sent twelve 420-sailors and 4 opti sailors to Scituate Jr. Regatta. Congratulations to our participants: Andrew Warner, Brian Daley, Erin Sullivan, Pat Watson, Brad Seferian, Mike Sweeney, Max Seferian, Katie Galanis, Alexis Hamel, Sean O'Sullivan, Caroline Bracken, Alex Sobchuck, Ed Goggin, Sebastian Halpern-Reiss, Jake Hawk and Matt Sweeney.

On Monday, WDYC sailor Matthew Sweeney was sailing in the fourth race of the regatta when his mast step malfunctioned. His finishes prior to the boat malfunction were: 1, 8, 1. He was in contention for placing in the regatta. He thought he was down and out for the rest of the regatta but thankfully a SHYC member came to the rescue.  The young SHYC sailor brought her boat to the dock for Matthew where coach Brooke picked it up and towed it out to the race course. Matthew ended up finishing in 2nd place in the Red Fleet and his race finishes for day 2 were 1, 1, 6. He finished the regatta with a total of 18 points. Thank you SHYC!

A big thank you to Coach Brooke for hosting her Opti-A team with her aunt and uncle at their home in Scituate. The team had a blast playing wii, eatting ice cream sundaes and watching shark week at the end of each race day.

The 420- sailors were challenged with light, shifty breeze at Scituate. Even though there were difficult conditions, they still represented WDYC very well! A big congratulations to Andrew Warner and Brian Daley for finishing 3rd out of 37 boats. Max Seferian/Mike Sweeney and Brad Seferian/Katie Galanis had consistent top 10 finishes throughout the regatta. Way to go 420- race teams!