Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barnstable Green Fleet Regatta

Next Tuesday 8/4 Barnstable Yacht Club will be hosting the annual green fleet ONLY regatta. This is great regatta for our first year racers to attend. If you are interested in sailing, please ask your instructor if your child is ready to race.

There are registration forms outside the office next to the blog binder. Coach DJ will be attending if there are at least four sailors. Please sign up on the opti regatta sheet if you are planning on going.

Report Time: 7:45
Registration: 8:00

420-A Sails Fast at VHYC Regatta

-VHYC Regatta pictures compliments of the Goggin's-
As they left on Sunday to tow the boats over to Vineyard Haven, the chopping conditions didn't interfere with the WDYC tow. As they arrived on the island, they rigged their boats and prepared for the two day SMSA regatta.

Early Monday morning, the wind was blowing but it was a breeze for our sailors. They had five races total the first day and during the fourth race, coach Mildred was thrilled as WDYC rounded the windward mark in 3rd, 4th and 5th.
Tuesday morning the light breeze resulted in a slow start. The race committee could only get 2 races off before the fog started rolling in and the breeze completely died. Even though it was light, we had some great finishes the last day. Awesome job race team!
A BIG thank you to Mr. Warner and Mr. and Mrs. Goggin for helping tow the boats over and transport the sailors and their gear. Another big thanks to Mrs. Daly, Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Warner for chaperoning the regatta.
The team will be practicing in Hyannis today in preparation for the three day Hyannis Yacht Club regatta. Good luck and sail fast!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spinnakers are flying!

This week at WDYC our 420 beginner and intermediate classes have been working on flying spinnakers. They first learned how to fly them on land and then moved to the water to practice their new skills. The light wind day was perfect for a trial run.

The beginner opti class was so confident in their points of sail that Ali gave them a written test this morning. They were a little rusty on their test taking skills, but that's expected in the summer! They are headed out this morning to continue working on the different points of sail.

Patrick is out with the intermediate class playing tag and working on avoiding collision. I'm sure we will hear them yelling, "tiller towards trouble!"

Brooke is at the Wianno Opti Invite with the race teams today and tomorrow. There were 100 championship fleet boats registered so it will be great experience for sailing in a large fleet. The green fleet will be sailing today only and there were 66 boats registered. I'll keep you posted on the results.. GO WDYC!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A BIG thank you to all of the parents who have dropped off empty laundry detergent jugs that we have turned into bailers. We really appreciate the donation, thanks a lot!! Keep the bailers coming!

Monday, July 27, 2009

SMSA Standings!

Each year the Southern MA sailing association designates 8 regattas as sponsored by SMSA. The best 4 out of 8 finishes are calculated into an overall SMSA standing. They have just been posted and our sailors are doing great! Check it out:


Our 420 team has participated in New Bedford, Edgartown and Vineyard Haven (all SMSA sponsered) and will be sailing in Hyannis and Beverly that are also SMSA sponsored.

Wianno Plan

Green Fleet: Eddie, Chloe, Carly, Joe
Championship: Sebastian, Shamus, Brad, Matt, Brett

Green fleet sailors are to report at 7:30 on Wednesday to check in. You will rig and have Brooke check your boat before the skippers meeting. The skippers meeting is at 9:00 and harbor start at 9:30.

Championship sailors are to report at 10:00 on Wednesday. You will rig and check in (Brooke will be on the water with Green fleet so stick together and work as a team to check over each others boats!!) The skippers meeting is at 11:30 and harbor start is at 12 :00. They usually require coaches to tow their team out to the champ line so Brooke will pop back in and grab you guys so make sure to STAY TOGETHER as you leave the beach.

Thank you to Mrs. Seferian and Mrs. Sweeney for providing water and snacks for the regatta! Sail fast WDYC :-)


Attention all 420-B parents!
We are having a mandatory meeting at 4:30 to discuss logistics for Scituate and Belle of the West. See you there!

Friday, July 24, 2009

420-B Friday Fun :-)

-Ali Love


Thursday and Friday were spent in grass skirts, leis, tropical hats and Hawaiian shirts. Jimmy Buffett was blasting and our sailors were having a ball. The beginner opti's had sponge races and the beginner 420's took this fun day to practice capsizing. Everyone looked great and the staff really enjoyed the dress up day!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Sailors Need Bailers!

Our bailers have slowly disappeared throughout the summer and we are looking for your help! The best bailers are made out of laundry detergent jugs and empty orange juice/milk jugs. When you are empty on these household essentials, PLEASE donate them to the sailing program instead of throwing them away. If you can help us out, please drop these empty containers in the office.

Thank you :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WDYC Wednesday brings smiles and push-ups!

The beginner and intermediate opti classes spent the morning working on their tacking skills as they had sponge races throughout the mooring field. They accumulated lots of points and had a blast in the process! The beginner and intermediate 420 classes worked on "right of way" and were hailing starboard, port, windward and leeward throughout the river. Feel free to quiz them when you see them on the water.

This afternoon Patrick and Erin took the Sea-Squirts out on the knockabout. They worked on steering as each sailor had a turn holding the tiller. The 420-B team had an intense practice that began with push-ups. Coach Ali was teaching the hard lesson of rigging in a timely fashion. I think they learned their lesson! They will be traveling to Scituate in two weeks and are preparing for the competition that will be at that regatta. In the meantime, the 420-A team practiced with the Hyannis race team and worked on their team racing. They are heading to Nantucket tomorrow for a team-racing clinic with Charlie Enright. Mrs. Goggin and Mrs. Warner will be dropping you off at Steamship for the 8:00 AM fast ferry (7:10 at WDYC). Have fun and good luck.

It's hard to believe we are rolling through week 4 already (time flies when your having fun!) Tomorrow and Friday we will be celebrating Hawaiian Day so please come dressed in your best tropical attire. I've been looking at the calendar and thinking that we need to plan an opti parent race... please submit your thoughts to It would bring lots of laughs and lots of fun.

Summer fun in the sun :-)

Thank you to the Sullivan's for sending these awesome pictures from the WDYC Invite!!

420- B Parent Meeting

There will be a mandatory 420-B parent meeting Monday 7/27 at 4:30 to discuss logistics for Scituate Jr. Regatta (August 3-4) and Belle of the West (August 7). See you then!


Attention Sailors! Please come dressed in your best tropical outfit as we will be celebrating Hawaiian day on Thursday and Friday. Outfits can/should include: grass skirts, leis and flowers, tropical hats and Hawaiian shirts.

Get ready for some fun in the sun :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HYC Invite pictures from the morning

Mrs. Giachetti emailed these pictures from the opti line this morning where 8 of our WDYC racers are participating for the invitational.

Mildred called from the 420 line where 9 of our 420's are trying to stay dry in the rainy conditions. I'll keep you posted on results!

ATTENTION 420-A team!!!

Plans have changed and you will now be taking the 8:00 AM STEAMSHIP AUTHORITY fast ferry on Thursday morning. Good news for you is that you will leave from WDYC at 7:10 instead of 6 AM. We still need two parent volunteers to drop the kids off at the ferry in the morning so they won't have to pay the outrageous parking fees. They will be returning on the 6 PM ferry and will arrive back into Hyannis at 7 PM (need two parents to pick up as well). Please call or email Meghan if you can help us out.

Edgartown Pictures

Edgartown Results!

After 14 races and three very long and intense days on the water, the 420 A team headed home from Edgartown. They learned a lot about starting in big fleets as there were 68 boats on the line. They were exhausted from the weekend but had a lot of fun spending time on the island. They will be traveling to Hyannis Invite today and will be off to Nantucket on Thursday for a team racing clinic. Report time is 5:50 AM at WDYC. We need two parents to drop the kids off and two to pick them up. They will be taking the 6:30 AM fast ferry over to the island and the 7:20 ferry back.

Good luck!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

HYC Invitational Plan

420 Plan: This afternoon the 420's are going to be towed over to Hyannis with Mr. Watson and Ali. Tomorrow morning the sailors are to report to WDYC at 7:15.

Drivers: Chris Warner, Marissa Sullivan, Mrs. Goggin, Mrs. Ober, Mrs. Galanis
Beach send-off: Mrs. Goggin, Mrs. Sweeney, Mrs. Ober, Mrs. Galanis

Opti Plan: Meet Brooke at HYC at 7:45 on Tuesday morning. Check in starts at 8:00 and the skippers meeting is at 9:00. Mrs. Sullivan has generously volunteered to provide water and snacks for the opti kids (thank you!)

Tuesday afternoon after awards the 420-B team boats will be towed back to WDYC. The A-team is practicing in Hyannis on Wednesday so boats 10-13 will stay.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Rolling Through Week 3

With winds gusting to 15 yesterday morning and picking up to 20 in the afternoon, we had a long day of working on heavy air sailing. The beginner opti class had three kids per boat and had no trouble with the breeze. As the afternoon approached, the opti race team headed out into the river to work on boat handling in strong winds to prepare for Stonehorse on Monday. We a few team members capsize but they were all smiles on the way in as they were pumping the waves and having a blast.

In the meantime, the 420 Advanced class headed to boater's beach to work on trapping with D.J. It was their first time on the wire in heavy air and they loved every minute of it. Ali took the opti advanced class out in the knockabout for it's first sail of the season. They looked great out there!

Mildred called from Edgartown to update us on the results from yesterday. There were 75 boats that started the day and only 32 that ended the day (as a result of the heavy breeze). Three out of the four of our WDYC boats made it through the whole day!! The fourth had their forestay snap and had no choice but to retire for the day. There is no doubt in my mind they will be back out on the race course dominating today! Chris Warner and Marissa Sullivan had a 3rd place finish in the second race of the day (way to go!) The other boats had consistent finishes (top 20 of the fleet). We will post results as soon as they are online. Keep up the good work WDYC :-)

Best of luck to our sailors on Monday in Stonehorse and Tuesday at Hyannis Invitational!
Sail fast,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stone Horse Opti Regatta 7/20 and HYC Invite 7/21

This upcoming Monday Brooke will be traveling to Stonehorse with the opti race team. Report time is 7:30 to rig. Registration is from 7:30-8:30 and the skippers meeting is at 9:00. Mrs. Halpern-Reiss is our parent volunteer and will be bringing water and snacks for the coach boat.
We have 4 sailors attending:
Sebatian Halpern-Reiss
Brad Seferian
Matthew Sweeney
Brett Ober

HYC Invitational- Tuesday, 7/21-
Coach Brooke and Coach Mildred will be attending. We are sending 9 of our 420's and 7 of our opti's to the HYC invite on Tuesday.
Report Time: 7:45
Registration 8:00-9:00
Skipper's Meeting: 9:00
Harbor Start: 9:30

420 Pairs:
Lauren and Brian
Mac and Erin
Mike and Patrick
Giles and Katie
Alaina and Nick
Andrew and Kelsey
Max and Julia
Ryan and Laura
Chris and Marissa
Opti Racers:
Sebatian, Seamus, Brad, Matthew, Otilia, Chloe, Eddie, Carly

Do we have any interested parent volunteers to provide water and granola bars? Please see Meghan or email


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Breeze.. No Problem for Beginner Opti's

The beginner opti class spent the morning sailing around a figure 8 course. As the wind continued to build, they learned how to adjust their weight to prevent capsizing. They were very impressive to watch! The beginner and intermediate 420 classes worked on sailing a windward leeward course. They worked on tacking upwind and finished off the morning with a race around grass island. We will continue to work on dock landings for all classes... especially on days where the wind is heavy.

420 Race Represents at Edgartown Regatta

Our 420 Race team left this morning to represent WDYC at Edgartown Regatta for the first time in many years. They loaded up the trailer and headed to Woods Hole to take the ferry across to the island. Mr. Goggin, Mrs. Daly and Mrs. Warner escorted them over for the trip (a big thank you to them!) The team will spend the next three days racing over on the island in this SMSA sponsored event. We wish them the best of luck and will keep you posted on the results! Sail fast WDYC!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stage Harbor Results!

Last Friday we had five sailors attend the Stage Harbor Opti Regatta in Chatham. We had two green fleet sailors and three championship sailors. The day began with an opti rigging clinic with Matt Wake where all of our racers learned how to tune their boats. As they left shore, the racers sailed out of the harbor with a day of light breeze sailing. Congratulations to Brett Ober and Katie Sullivan for sailing in the green fleet and placing 6th and 7th! Another big congrats to Matthew Sweeney for receiving the 4th place trophy in the blue fleet. Lastly, a congrats to Sebatian Halperien-Resiss and Brad Seferian for placing in the top half of the blue fleet with some very impressive finishes! Keep up the good work!!
Pictures from SHYC Regatta

Best of luck to Jake Hawk, Carly Giacchetti, Joe Bissinger, Otilia Olmedo, Ed Goggin, Chloe Troy at the Wequaquet Lake green fleet regatta today!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Beford Results

Over the weekend the 420 Race A team traveled to New Bedford for their first SMSA regatta. Coach Mildred reported that they had some great finishes and remained consistent for most of the weekend. The fleet had 77 boats and was great experience for big fleet racing. They all need to work on downwind sailing but have a big practice planned before traveling to Edgartown Jr. Regatta on Wednesday. They sailed well and represented WDYC respectfully. They also enjoyed eating hot spaghetti o's off of Mildred's dad's boat after a long day of racing. The results are posted on:

The Edgartown plan is as follows:
10:15- depart WDYC to Woods Hole
11:30- Arrive at Woods Hole
12:15- Ferry to Vineyard Haven ($7.50)

(Parent Volunteer: Mr. Goggin)
Arrive at VH at 1:00- 420 Team on bus to Edgartown to meet Mildred
Meet at EYC to check in and register (registration 9-6)
Boats to Tennis Courts to rig then over to Chappy
Skippers Meeting at 5:00

Friday/ Saturday
Report to EYC Jr. YC at 7:45 and over to Chappy to rig
Harbor Start at 9:00
First Race at 10:00

Saturday after racing: To Chappy to de-rig, boats towed back to tennis courts to be put on trailer.

420 Sailors on fast ferry from Oak Bluffs to Hyannis (7:10 to 8:05)
We need 2 parent volunteers to pick up in Hyannis on Saturday evening. I know it's the 50th so it's a busy night but we need to get our sailors home!

The boats are on a ferry for Sunday night at 9:45. We couldn't get anything earlier so Mildred and Meghan will stay over and assure they get back on Sunday night.

Please come see Meghan with any questions regarding travel logistics.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sports Day for Sea-Squirts and 420 Team Packs Up!

The Sea-Squirts class celebrated Sport's Day today as they geared up in their eye-black and headed to boater's beach to work on capsizing. A few of the sailors expressed their confidence in solo capsizing. They will be competing with the beginner opti class before we know it!

Coach Brooke called from Stage Harbor where the opti race team was having a great day in the light breeze. They had one more race left for the day so we will keep you posted on the results. The Wequaquet Lake green fleet regatta will be taking place next Tuesday July 14th.
Coach DJ will be attending if we can get four boats to attend. Registration is from 8:30-9:30 and the skipper's meeting is at 9:45. Sailors should report at 8:00 to get their boats rigged. Please let DJ know if you will be attending so we can make sure we have a coach there for you.

The 420 team packed up the trailer for New Bedford Jr. Regatta. From the time they de-rigged the boats and pulled out of the parking lot, it took TWO hours. Coach Mildred informed them that she will have them on and off the trailer in 45 minutes before the season is over. We'll see if they can do it! If anyone can whip them into shape it's Mildred. A reminder to the team, you will be meeting at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning. Chris Warner and Julia Donahue will be driving the sailors and Mildred will be driving her truck with the gear. Don't be late! The Goggin's have generously donated the water and snacks for NBJR. We will need a parent volunteer for Edgartown's supplies, please see Meghan if you can help out.

A reminder to the Opti Race A and B parents, we will be having a meeting on Monday at 4:15 to discuss regatta logistics for the season. If you cannot attend, please see Meghan.

The Sweeney/Arabia Cup races have been rescheduled and will NOT be taking place this weekend. We will keep you posted on that race.

Enjoy the weekend!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WDYC Race Teams Battle Breeze at BRYC Invite

Early on Wednesday morning, the opti and 420 race teams geared up and sailed over to the Bass River Invite. The breeze was strong and the waves were rocking our sailors around. A big congratulations to all of our participants who worked hard to overcome the chaotic wind and waves all day. A special shout out to Sebastian Halpern-Reiss for placing 2nd in the blue fleet! Way to go!

As the racers were at Bass River, the other classes held down the fort here at WDYC . The beginner and intermediate opti classes stayed close off the dock due to the strong breeze. The beginner kids had three in boat but were keeping it flat and worked on hiking out.

The 420 team worked on their starts and accelerating off the line. They did a series of races to prepare for New Bedford this weekend. A reminder to the Race Team-A you will be de-rigging the boats Thursday after class and the trailer will be departing from WDYC on Friday at 1:00. You will rig the boats Friday afternoon at NB and have them ready to go for Saturday morning. You are meeting at WDYC at 6:00 am on Saturday to depart for New Bedford. Registration begins at 7:30 and harbor start is at 9:00.

Attention Opti Race-A and B parents we are having a meeting on MONDAY 7/13 at 4:15 to discuss regatta logistics for the season. If you cannot attend, please see Meghan as soon as possible.

Stage Harbor Plan:
8:00: WDYC opti sailors meet Brooke at SHYC
8:00-9:00: Registration
9:30-10:30: Opti Clinic
10:30: Harbor Start

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WDYC brings home hardware!!

Congratulations to all of our WDYC sailors who participated in the invitational yesterday! They stayed patient with the light breeze focused on improving their skills on the course. A big congratulations to skipper Ryan Daly and his crew Laura Adams who took home the 1st place trophy for the 420's. They finished the regatta with five points total and were all smiles at the end of the day.

A BIG thank you to all of our parent volunteers who were here early yesterday morning and worked late into the afternoon making sure the invite was a success. We can't thank you enough for making the day so great!

To all Race Team-B sailors attending Bass River in the morning, please report to WDYC at 7:30 am on Wednesday. Registration begins at 8:00 and the skippers meeting is at 9:00. Ali is going to be towing you over to BRYC. You can register when you arrive and the cost is $25 per sailor. All opti sailors attending the invite should also arrive here at 7:30. Coach Brooke will be towing you over to the club.

Smooth Sailing,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July Day!!!

*Patriotic Ali takes face paints the beginner classes*

*Nick Dawson and his USA face paint*

4th of July Day was a HUGE success! The sailors arrived at WDYC in their red, white and blue and began the day with the pledge of allegiance. They then broke off into their classes chanting "USA" and decorated their boats for the holiday. The classes continued to work on boat handling and light breeze sailing. They worked to navigate through the fog and did a great job staying together!!

A reminder that there is NO CLASS on Monday. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Happy 4th!

Thursday Washout... On Land Sailing Activites

Thursday's storms kept sailors on land, but the instructors worked hard to keep them busy with sailing related activities. The opti classes continued to work on tacking using their tillers and sitting in chairs. The beginner classes worked on their knots as they tied up Ali and Patrick to the chairs! They also played sailing jeopardy and outlined the parts of the boat. DJ had his class doing push-ups, sit-ups and running racing while rigging their 420's! It was very impressive.

The 420 Team took off to Chatham and had a great day learning team racing tactics from Charlie Enright. They were on and off the water due to the weather but they kept busy and learned a lot! Coach Mildred took lots of notes and will be working with the team to improve before regatta travel.

A reminder that the WDYC Invite is on Monday and there will be NO CLASSES! If you can volunteer for the day, please see me in the office.

Keep your fingers crossed for sun!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Storms Roll In and Sailors Stay Calm!

Hats off to the 420 Race Teams for staying calm and working with their coaches to get the boats out of the water VERY, VERY quickly this afternoon! The sailors listened close to their instructors and followed directions to assure that everyone was off the water before the lightning hit. Good work team, Keep it up!!!

Patrick and Erin Daly had a great afternoon with the Sea Squirts class as they went for their first boat ride of Bass River! The kids were all smiles as they learned about the parts of the boat and were excited to end class with a swim off the dock.

Brooke's intermediate opti class practiced using their tiller extensions today. They started on land practicing on chairs and eventually were out on the water showing off their skills. They looked great and are really starting to look comfortable being back on the water!

Best of luck to the 420-A team tomorrow at their team race in Chatham. We are going to have a meeting for the 420-A team parents on FRIDAY at 4:30 in the junior yacht club. We will discuss regatta logistics, parent/sailor/coach responsibilities and discuss the plans for this season. The schedule is very full for regatta travel so your attendance at the meeting is mandatory.

Rain, rain, go away!!!