Friday, July 30, 2010

420-B Logistics

420-B Pairs
(Boat 4) Sean and Alexis- sail 4853
(Boat 5)Erin and Patrick- 48531
(Boat 6) Mac and Cooper- 4673
(Boat 7) Alaina and Jack- 4408
(Boat 8) Ryan and Caroline- WD 3
(Boat 9) Max and Brian- WD 5

Next up, Bass River Challenge Cup on Wednesday, August 4th
Report to WDYC at 7:30 am
Leave WDYC at 8:15 to sail to BRYC

$30 per person, cash/check-includes breakfast, on the water snack, post race BBQ, tie dye T-shirt
Return to WDYC after BBQ

Belle of the West Plan
Thursday, August 5th 1:00 pm LOAD BOATS to bring to Dennis YC and unload

We need parent volunteers to drive our sailors to Belle of the West to unload boats.. please let Meghan know! (

Report to Dennis YC at 7:45 to rig
8:00: Check in and breakfast
9:00: Skippers Meeting
2:30: Last starting sequence and BBQ to follow

After BBQ: Loads boats back onto trailer.. parent volunteers needed!! Boats to return to WDYC for unload.

Hyannis Invitational Plan:
Registration Deadline: Monday, August 4th or  $40.00 late fee. 

Wednesday, August 11th:
1:00- Sail over to HYC (return in the Combo)

Check-in: 8:00-9:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00
Harbor Start: 9:30

**Tow back to WDYC after awards (sailors to sit in the boats)**

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Theme: 80's

Thursday and Friday's theme is 80's. Outfits include but are not limited to: mullet hairstyles, neon shirts, cut-off  sweatshirts, pink streaked hair, bright colored spandex and silly bands.

Coaches Report from Duxbury

This past weekend the 420-B team traveled to Duxbury Bay Maritime School for a two-day regatta.  We woke up at the crack of dawn to drive to the beautiful new facilities at DBMS, where they ran a wonderful event.  Saturday morning started off with no wind, but after a brief postponement, the wind started to fill in and the racers were sent out onto the water.  Light wind brought some frustrations throughout the day, but our sailors worked hard on their roll tacks, spinnaker flying, and looking for breeze to stay up with the rest of the fleet.  After racing on Saturday, the team enjoyed a cookout back on land before heading back to the cape for the night.  On Sunday, it looked like there was going to be a good breeze, but halfway through the first race it totally shut off and our racers began to drift around the course.  Even after the wind filled in, it stayed light all day, so the team was challenged to stay focused.  They rose to the challenge, and all of our sailors had a number of top ten finishes; Ryan Grande and Caroline Bracken even managed to win one of the races!  Overall, the weekend was a great learning experience for our B-team and a lot of fun!


Click: duxbury results

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Instructor DJ in the middle of a chalk talk with the Intermediate 420 crew
Marissa hard at work with the intermediate opti's!
WDYC Staff on Hawaiian Day

Belle of the West

Next Friday, August 6th all of our Opti race sailors and 420-B sailors will be traveling to Dennis for the Belle of the West invitational.

Please register in advance online at:

Belle of the West (online registration)

**420-B sailors, Ali will be assigning your pairs/sail numbers**

Hyannisport Invite

The Hyannisport Invite is an Opti-A recommended regatta and is Tuesday, August 3rd. Meghan has printed Notice of Race forms and Registration/Med forms. They are in the yellow folder outside of the office. They can be brought to HPYC the day of the invitational. Coach Brooke will be in attendance at this event.

Registration: 8:00-9:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00

Safari instuctor Mckinley

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The theme for Thursday and Friday are HAWAIIAN day! Come dressed in your best tropical outfit and get ready for a WDYC luau!

Opti Racers- Next up.. Wianno!

Our opti racers will be sailing at Wianno next week. The green fleet will ONLY be racing on WEDNESDAY. Sign-up before Monday, July 26th because there is a $25.00 late fee!!! Coach Brooke and Coach DJ will be in attendance.

Green Fleet ($50.00 Registration)
Wednesday, July 28th:
7:30- Check-in and Breakfast
9:00- Skippers Meeting
9:30- Harbor Start
10:00- First Start
3:30- Return to Wianno YC
4:00 Awards

Championship Line ($75.00 Registration)
Wednesday, July 28th
10:00- Check-in
11:00- Lunch
11:30- Skippers Meeting
12:00-Harbor Start

Thursday, July 29th
7:30- WDYC Arrival at Wianno
8:30- Harbor Start
2:00- Lunch and Awards

420-A Schedule

420-A Parents,
We just wanted to update you on the race schedule for the next few weeks. Email Meghan with any questions:

Friday, July 23rd
  • Short Practice
  • Load trailer for VHYC regatta

Sunday, July 25th
  • 1:00 Arrival at WDYC
  • 1:15 Depart for Falmouth
  • Leave cars at Woods Hole
  • Trailer/Sailors on 4:00 ferry to Vineyard Haven
  • Arrive at VH- unload boats, check-in/registration at 5:00
  • Dinner at VHYC at 6:00
  • Housing pick up at 7:00
  • Curfew- 10:30

Monday, July 26th
  • 8:30 Skippers Meeting
  • Race all day
  • Dinner at VHYC at 6:00
  • Curfew- 10:30

Tuesday, July 27th
  • 9:00 Harbor Start
  • 4:00 Awards
  • Immediately load trailer
  • Dinner at 6:00 at VHYC
  • 7:15 ferry from VH to Woods Hole
  • Trailer to Hyannis YC

Wednesday, July 28th
  • 12:30- Report to WDYC
  • Leave WDYC for unloading trailer in Hyannis
  • Practice at HYC

Thursday, July 29th
  • 1:30 Practice at HYC
  • 4:00-6:00- Registration/check-in for regatta

Friday, July 30th
  • Day 1 Hyannis Regatta
  • 9:15 Report to WDYC to depart for HYC
  • 11:00 Skippers Meeting
  • 11:30 Harbor Start

Saturday, July 31st

  •  Report to WDYC at 7:30 (due to parking, must arrive early)
  • 9:30 Harbor Start

Sunday, August 1st

  •  Report to WDYC at 7:30 (due to parking, must arrive early at HYC)
  • 9:30 Harbor Start 
  • 4:30 Awards

Monday, August 2nd
  • unload trailer (no practice)
Wednesday, August 11th
  • Sail to Hyannis for practice
Thursday, August 12th
  • Hyannis Invitational Report Time: 7:30 at WDYC
  • Check-in: 8-9:00
  • Skippers Meeting: 9:00
  • Harbor Start: 9:30
  • Tow back after races

BEVERLY LOGISTICS will be posted soon!

Coach Mildred Report- Edgartown Regatta

Thursday morning of the Edgartown Regatta started off well as the team cranked down on their rigs anticipating the windy weather conditions. With a 10-15 knot breeze, races flew by band. The race committee was able to fit in six races before the day was over. The team put in some high top 20 finishes in the first day starting the regatta off on a good note. Friday was similar weather conditions to Thursday. By early afternoon, Chris and Laura even placed twice in the top ten as the day came to a close. The team as a whole was moving up in the standings and becoming more comfortable in the racing conditions. Saturday morning started off slow with a postponement by the race committee. There was lots of swimming being done by the entire 420 line. The wind finally filled by 11:00am and we were able to get the final two races in before the regatta came to a close. The last race was one of the most challenging on account of the light breeze and the extended length. The team quickly de-rigged and loaded their boats on the trailer on Chappy and made their way over to awards where they cheered on their competitors. The regatta had a total of 14 races, the most by far the regatta has seen in years, this was all to do with the perfect racing conditions and the ability of the registered sailors.

Nice job 420-A!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Storm Damage

EYC Regatta Results

Edgartown Results

Please stay tuned for Mildred's coaches report from their racing in Edgartown!

BRYC Invite Tomorrow!


The Bass River Invitational is TOMORROW!

420's to be rigged by 7:30 for tow to BRYC
Opti's to be rigged by 8:00 for tow to BRYC
Registration: 7:45-9:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00
 Ryan Daly says, "Lets go race teams, down the river we go!"

Crazy Storms Monday

After a calm morning of sailing in opti's and 420's, we had a storm cell move towards West Dennis at 45 mph. The afternoon classes had a great view in the club and watched as the 420's flipped over and chairs flew across the deck! The lightning was awesome to watch because all of our sailors were safely INSIDE!  They spent the rest of the afternoon having knot relay races and playing an intense game of sailing jeopardy. The 420-B team watched Sailgroove video's in preparation for tomorrow's Bass River Invitational.

Let's hope for sunny weather and a steady breeze for tomorrow!

Picture of the Week!

During a capsizing drill in the intermediate opti class, Sarah Alix's boat took off without her in it! As you can see, it was sailing on it's own! We are now convinced that there is a WDYC ghost... beware opti sailors, he might get you next!!!

Friday Farmer Day Fun!

Last week the theme was Farmer Day. As country music blasted in the JYC, the instructors and sailors looked great in plaid, overalls and straw hats. The beginner opti class adopted new names for the day as well...we had lots of Maggie Sue's and Billy Joe's! They celebrated the day by harvesting the field of apples and oranges. As they floated around the river, they sailed through the mooring field putting them back in the bucket.

It was a hoe-down of a good time at WDYC!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Bass River Invitational is TUESDAY, July 20th.

We are sorry for the mix-up, there was a calendar change.

420's to be rigged by 7:30 for tow to BRYC
Opti's to be rigged by 8:00 for tow to BRYC

DAY-OF registration: 7:45-9:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Farmer Day

Today and tomorrow are FARMER DAY! Check out the pictures from this morning.

Jonah Banks dressed up as a chicken 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday's Breeze- No Problem.

Arriving at WDYC this morning, we were skeptical of the breeze for our morning classes. Our sailors certainly proved us wrong! The beginner opti sailors were totally rocking the breeze and had no problem as they continued to work on points of sail.  Brooke's intermediate's focused on upwind sailing and although they had some trouble, they are making improvements each day!

Our 420 classes were small this morning due to the Canoby Lake Park junior yacht club trip, so DJ and Ryan took advantage of proper rigging demonstrations. It's always good to go back to the basics!

Brooke and DJ took advantage of the small class sizes today and broke the opti race team up into two small groups for more individualized attention. They practiced tiller switches, discussed buoy room rules and ended classes with a few races.

A reminder that tomorrow is FARMER DAY! Please come dressed in your best farmer attire.

Edgartown Update

The 420-A team has been busy on their journey to Edgartown! They left WDYC at 9:00 this morning and were off to Falmouth. They took the trailer of 420's on the ferry from Woods Hole to Oak Bluffs. Once arriving on the island, they took all of their luggage on the bus from Oak Bluffs into Edgartown and arrived at EYC. At this time, they took the Chappy ferry over to the island where they unloaded the trailer and rigged the boats (see picture above of unloading). Once all of the boats were ready for tomorrows racing, the sailors came back to Edgartown Yacht Club and received their housing for the next few nights. They are generously housed by EYC families during the regatta. After arriving at their houses, they showered up and settled in. They then went back to the club for dinner and a skippers meeting. As you can tell, it's been a VERY busy day! We wish them the best of luck and will keep you posted throughout the week. GO WDYC!



Attention 420-B Racers:

Due to Canoby Lake on Wednesday, there will be a mandatory practice on Thursday, July 15th in preparation for the BRYC Invitational on Monday, July 19th. Please have your boats rigged and in the water before 1:00. You will be working on spinnakers and trapping.

Bass River Invitational- MONDAY

The Opti Race teams and 420-B team will travel down the river to the Bass River Invite on Monday. 

420's to be rigged by 7:30 for tow to BRYC
Opti's to be rigged by 8:00 for tow to BRYC

DAY-OF registration: 7:45-9:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00

**Bass River Invite Medical Forms (to be completed for registration) in the yellow folder outside of the sailing office**


A big congratulations go out to Laura Adams and Kelsey Goggin for a stellar performance at the Gill all girls regatta. They finished 10th overall out of a series of 10 races. Their best finish was a 5th out of 29 boats. Way to go girls, we are so proud of you!

Gill Results

Off to the Island!

The 420-A team left WDYC for the Edgartown Jr. Regatta this morning. They will be racing Thursday-Saturday in their second SMSA regatta. We wish them the best of luck over on MV and can't wait for the results!

Goodluck skipper and crew combo's!
Chris Warner/Laura Adams
Andrew Warner/Kelsey Goggin
Michael Sweeney/Katie Galanis
Oliver Dodd/Mark Tracy


Thursday and Friday Theme- FARMER DAY

The theme for Thursday and Friday of this week is Farmer Day.  

Proper attire includes but is not limited to: jean overalls, plaid shirts, jean shorts, hay, straw hats, long beards, trucker hats, chicken costumes, cowboy boots and muddy shirts.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gill Results!

Laura Adams and Kelsey Goggin had an awesome day yesterday at the Gill all girls regatta! They had consistent top 10 finishes throughout the day. They had fantastic starts off the line.  They completed a total of 7 races yesterday and will have another 3 today. GO WDYC GIRLS!

Gill Magoon Day 1 Results (click) 

Steady Breeze Monday

On Monday, the beginner opti class worked to improve their skills both on and off the water. Ali's full season group, focused on upwind sailing and tacking and jibing. Patrick's beginner opti group focused on steering and parts of the boat. While the beginners were busy tackling the basics, the intermediates  focused on rules of the road. You may have heard them yelling, "starboard!" Make sure to ask them how they know they have the right of way!

The beginner and intermediate 420 classes continued to work on team building and then hit the water to practice upwind and downwind sailing. The intermediates also focused on sail trim.

As the afternoon approached, it brought a steady 10-15 breeze for the race teams. Opti B worked to improve their tacking and sail trim. They also had a few races in preparation for the Bass River invitational next Monday.  Ali's 420-B team took advantage of the breeze and focused on trapping.

The opti race team had a great day at Stonehorse and completed 4 races on the championship line and 5 on the green fleet. Congrats to all of our sailors who sailed in their first SMSA regatta!

Stonehorse Results (click) 

Monday, July 12, 2010


Today we are sending Laura Adams and Kelsey Goggin to the Gill Magoon all girls regatta hosted by Wianno Yacht Club. We wish them the best of luck and will keep you posted on the results. GO WDYC GIRLS!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

420 Team Building

Watch as our 420 Skippers and Crews work together during this team building exercise!
It's still early in the season right? Beginner 420 sailors quickly realize their mistake as their rudder is put on upside down... it was too good of a picture not to capture!!
Sailing Director Meghan shows her competitive side playing sailing basketball with beginner opti sailors Shea Terrio and Leo Valole

Junior instructor Laura Adams gets competitive in sailing basketball!
Beginner Opti's playing sailing basketball on Sport's Day!
Object of the game on sport's day: GET THE BALLS IN THE ANCHORED BUCKET!
Beginner and Intermediate 420 sailors learn the value of teamwork during team building exercises on SPORT'S DAY!
Beginner Opti sailors learn how fun it is to capsize their boats!
Eleanor Noone learns how to capsize in week two of beginner opti's

WDYC Invitational Results

WDYC Results (Click here)

420-A is off to New Bedford

The 420-A team packed up the boats on Friday and headed to New Bedford to prepare for their first SMSA regatta of the summer.  After a tough practice on Thursday, coach Mildred mentally prepared them for the 100+ boat fleet. We wish our sailors the best of luck and will post the results as they come in.

420-A Skipper/Crew Combinations: 
 Chris Warner/ Marissa Sullivan
Andrew Warner/ Kelsey Goggin
Michael Sweeny/ Katie Galanis
Oliver Dodd/ Mark Tracy

WDYC Sailors Bring Home Hardware!!

On Friday our opti race team traveled to Stage Harbor Yacht Club in Chatham for their first traveling event. Although the light wind and fog called for a slow start, they completed a series of 3 championship races and 4 green fleet races. All of our sailors had a great day all around and enjoyed sailing in Chatham. A big congratulations to Matthew Sweeney for 2nd in blue fleet and Ryan Vittimberga for his 5th place finish in green fleet. Matthew represented WDYC with a strong 1st place finish in the last race! Way to go opti racers! The team be traveling to Stonehorse on Monday for their first SMSA grand prix event. GO WDYC!

SHYC Results (Click here!) 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Stage Harbor and Stonehorse Plans



WDYC Arrival at SHYC: 7:45
Registration: 8:00-9:00
Skippers Meeting: 9:00
Harbor Start: 9:30
Lunch on Water: 1:00


WDYC Arrival at SHYC 7:25
Check-in: 7:30-8:30
Skippers Meeting: 9:00
Harbor Start: 9:30




Thursday, July 8, 2010


Attention Parents and Sailors, 
Tardiness to sailing class is NO LONGER acceptable at the WDYC. If class starts at 8:30, you must arrive a few minutes early to assure that you are present for attendance. The instructors will no longer wait for tardy sailors and will start their attendance and chalk talk at 8:30 sharp for opti sailors, 9:00 sharp for morning 420 sailors and 1:00 for afternoon classes.  If you are late to class, you will receive a pink TARDY slip. It must be signed by a parent and returned to the sailing director.


The consequences on the slip state the following:
1 TARDY- Warning
2 TARDIES- Physical fitness payment (running, sit-ups, push-ups)
3 TARDIES- Owe Meghan boat cleaning after class

The sailing program is similar to school. The instructors are the teachers and they expect their students on time. We understand that it is summer vacation, but as a participant in our program, you are responsible for arriving on time for class.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Theme: SPORTS!

The theme for Thursday and Friday of this week is SPORTS! Come dressed in your favorite team's gear and show off your spirit. WYDC sailors may start getting competitive if we see Yankee hats around the club!

Mast Clips!

Intensity Sails (Click Here)

Intensity sails has mast clips on sail for $25.99. They are currently in stock with the supplier.  Also, they have bow bumpers for $19.99 and corner protectors for $9.99

*Thank you to Mrs. Rea for this find!* 

Commodore's Cup Race

This Saturday, July 10th the Watson's and Sullivan's will be hosting the Commodore's Cup. This event is open to both opti's and 420's.  Please arrive at the club at 8:00 for rigging on Saturday. The skippers meeting is at 8:30 with launching shortly after. If you have any questions, please ask Dave Watson. 


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WDYC Invite 2010

On Monday we hosted the WDYC Invite and had 162 sailors attend! It was a slow day of racing with the light wind, but we had smiling sailors as they enjoyed a delicious BBQ at the club after the races.  There were a total of 3 races on the 420 line, 4 races on the opti championship line and 6 races on the green fleet line. We represented well as 26 of our own sailors participated. A big thank you to the invitational chair, Amy Hatch for all of her hard work and making the day such a success. We would also like to thank ALL of our volunteers: registration, breakfast, beach crew, score callers, cook-out chefs and especially Karen Baker and Marty for all of their hard work in the scoring office.  Another big thanks to all of the WDYC instructors for running the committee boats and mark boats. It was a great team effort all around and it wouldn't have been possible without the help! Thank you again and congratulations to our sailors. Stay tuned for the results, they will be posted on the WDYC website soon!

*Invite pictures compliments of Mr.Galanis, thank you!

Red, White and Blue Theme Day: SUCCESS!

On Thursday and Friday of week #1 the sailors demonstrated their patriotic pride as they decked themselves out in red, white and blue. They started the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and ended with a loud "U-S-A" chant. It was an exciting day all around and a great way to send them off into the 4th weekend. We are looking forward to SPORTS DAY on Thursday and Friday of this week. Come dressed in your favorite jersey or baseball cap! We look forward to seeing the rivalry of fans at the club.