Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 2 Recap!

Beginner Opti focused on knot tying, parts of the sail, tacking and gybing

Intermediate Opti focused on: tacking, tiller switches, pulling the mainsheet in

Intro to Race Opti focused on upwind sailing and tiller switches

Beginner 420 focused on docking, tiller switches and boat positioning

Intermediate 420 focuses on tacking upwind and proper use of the tiller extension

Intro to Race 420 focused on starts and tacking/gybing

Cruising focused on upwind sailing, gybing downwind and body placement in the 420.

Opti Race A focused on mark roundings and using their weight to steer to the boat

Opti Race B focused on tacking, gybing and starts

420 Race B focused on spinnaker and traping work in preparation for the WDYC Invitational