Monday, July 18, 2011

Sailing at the W.D.

By Intermediate Opti Class

(Tune of Party in the USA)

I hopped in my boat at W.D. with a life jacket on my back,

Welcome to the land of sailing class OH am I gonna go fast?

Jumped in the boat here I am for the first time,

Look to my right and I see someone capsize.

This is all so crazy, my sailing partners name is daisy.

My tummys turning and I’m feeling kinda seasick, going fast and I’m nervous.

That’s when the instructor turned on the radio.

And a sailing song was on

a sailing song was on

a sailing song was on

So I pulled my sheets in,

Going so fast everything turned out right.

Steering the boat like yeah

Sitting on the edge like yeah

Got my sheets in they’re playing my song

they know I’m gonna go so fast

YEAH! Sailing at the W.D.

YEAH! Sailing at the W.D.