Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 5 Recap

Can you believe we are already five weeks into the program? Time flies by when your sailing in Bass River!

  • Sea-Squirts sailed to the ocean this week! They also learned the names of the different parts of the boat
  • Beginner Opti practiced their sailing skills while tacking and gybing this week.
  • Intermediate Opti worked on tiller switches while tacking on the whistle
  • Intro to Race Opti worked on starts and upwind sailing
  • Beginner 420 practiced tacking around marks while using their telltales
  • Intermediate 420 practiced tiller switches and dry rolling
  • Cruising Opti's sailed down Bass River and also to Rock Island
  • Cruising 420's sailed to the ocean and practiced their swimming skills off Rock Island
  • Intro to Race Opti practiced tacking on the whistle, starts and upwind sailing
  • Opti Race A went to Stonehorse Regatta and Duxbury Jr. Regatta
  • Opti Race B worked on starts and upwind sailing
  • 420 Race A/B worked on spinnakers, tacking on the whistle and trapping. They traveled to Duxbury Jr. Regatta on Saturday and Sunday.